Lovely Longthorne’s lengthy logistical list

All the little questions that make sure things happen as smoothly as possible for your event.

What time do you want us to play and how long do you want us to play for?

For example: Two sets, each of 45min, with a 15 min break. Start time of 8:30pm

Is there anything else happening in the room before we play?

What time can we access the room to set up?

Do we need to set up and leave the room by a certain time?

For example, there might be something happening in the room before we start playing - sit down dinner, speeches and so on.

Are there plug sockets in the room?

We need to plug in the PA, amps, pedals and lights.

Are we playing on a stage, if so how big is the stage and are the plug sockets near by?

We have extension cables, but it's good to know how close the sockets are to the performance area.

Will there be car parking for 3 or 4 cars?

We have a lot of equipment, so we may need to drop things off at the entrance if parking is not close to the building.

We will be bringing a PA and a drum kit, is this OK with your venue?

Does the venue have a noise limiter and what level is it set at?

Have you arranged for a DJ to play at your event and what times are they playing?

It might be useful for us to drop them an email in advance to let them know our set lists and set up so we can coordinate. Can you send us their contact details.

Are there any special requests?

If your venue requires a copy of our public liability insurance and PAT certificate please pass on our email address: longhtornemusic@live.co.uk

Please make sure your venue has the appropriate licences for live music and please let us know if you have any difficulties with this.

Is there the option for us to leave some equipment in the venue overnight for collection the next day?

We will need

  • Several plug sockets
  • A couple of chairs
  • A small table for our PA mixing desk
  • A sound check for about 15 minutes sometime before we play. (this is vital in order to ensure we are not too loud, or quiet!)

Of course, every venue and event is different, so just tell us if you think there is something we need to know, or you are struggling to answer any of these questions!


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